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Car insurance is important because it enables you to deal with losses in the event that an accident occurs. provides you with cheap car insurance, and if you are a driver in this region, then this is definitely the type of insurance you require. When you purchase car insurance, you are assured that things such as medical bills and damages will be covered.

Maryland Insurance Law Requirements

Before you obtain any insurance, you need to shop around so that you get the best deals. If you can obtain a reasonable offer, yet still get sensible coverage its better for you. Maryland has set minimum liability charges, which are meant to cover property damages and bodily injuries. However, it’s always in your best interest if you go for an amount above that which has been set by the state. In addition, it’s important to obtain both comprehensive and collision coverage so that you are assured to have damages to your vehicle accommodated.

Here is a summary of what is required of every driver in Maryland:



Most Common

Bodily injury liability



Property damage liability



Uninsured motorist bodily damage


1000, 000/300,000

Personal injury protection

not required

meets state minimum requirements

Medical payments

not required



not required

250 deductible


not required

0 deductible


It’s important for every driver to adhere to speed limits to help avoid careless accidents. The speed should be dependent on both the condition and usage of the road. In addition, the stated speed limits should be adhered to, it wouldn’t make sense to move at a pace of 30mph on a road indicated 50mph. In essence, your speed on the road has an impact on not only your safety, but that of other users as well. Here are the limits to be adhered to by Maryland drivers:

Speed limits

Rural interstate 65
Urban interstate 65
Other limited access 65
Other roads 55


It’s always best if you take caution by obtaining automobile insurance, because it will not only help you get back on track in case of anything, but it will also help ensure that you do not get into the wrong side of the law.

What to Do If You Need More Information on Maryland Vehicle Insurance?

Before purchasing insurance, it’s important to conduct some research so that you know exactly what you are paying for. The best way to go about this is to contact the Maryland department for motor vehicles where you can obtain guidance pertaining to acquisition of drivers’ licenses and vehicle registration. These are the sites that will come in useful for any driver seeking for insurance:

How to Find Cheap Auto Insurance in Maryland

Obtaining cheap car insurance will enable you to save some money, which is something everyone would like. If you need to buy vehicle insurance, then you can go to which will offer you complete cover yet at an affordable rate.

Vehicle insurance is quite important; you should not hesitate to obtain it through cheap car insurance in Maryland since this will help you save a few extra coins that you could put into different use. Remember, car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles.

To save even further, take a look at our reports on these major Maryland cities:

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